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TelcoWorld’s Mission

We, at TelcoWorld are on a mission to make your life easier when it comes to choosing the right telco provider. Whether you're looking for a SIM card, data plan, home internet, or a TV package, we've got your back!

Our goal is to help you make an informed decision quickly, so you can get back to more important things, like binge-watching your favorite show or scrolling through dog videos on the internet. Plus, we'll make sure you understand why you're choosing the perfect partner to stick with you for years to come.

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As with many great tales, this one begins with a couple.

TelcoWorld founders

Let me tell you a story about TelcoWorld, which started in 2022 when two adventurous souls, Kaspar and Maris, teamed up. As a couple, they loved to live abroad for extended periods, staying in each country for around 6-8 months. But every time they moved, they found themselves embarking on a never-ending research session to find reliable SIM card providers and internet services. They soon realized that there wasn't one go-to place for this information, and it was all too confusing. That's when they decided to put their heads together and use Kaspar's 10 years of telco experience and Maris's marketing expertise to make things simpler for everyone. And thus, TelcoWorld was born!

Our mission is to help you make informed decisions about selecting a telco provider, whether you need a SIM card, internet, or TV package. With TelcoWorld, you can finally relax and leave the research to us.


 Start saving money by comparing offers

TelcoWorld is all about sharing reliable information that you can trust.

Number one

We do the legwork, so you don't
have to stress. Our goal is to make
things brighter for everyone.

Number two

We offer objective and independent comparisons of telco offers so that you can make an informed
decision. We collaborate with telco companies and receive payment from them, but this does not affect your prices.

Number three

Our site is free to use, and we don't allow partner compensation to influence our reviews or recommendations.

We aim to be your ultimate telco
guide, simplifying the complex world of telecommunications.

Begin cutting costs today by comparing deals on SIM cards, internet packages, and TV plans.

Please note that our information may differ from what you see on a provider's website. This could be because the provider updated their offer without prior notification to us. Still, we will do our best to keep all the information as accurate as possible. If you notice any discrepancies, please contact us directly at

At TelcoWorld, our opinions are unbiased, not those of any telecommunication companies. We have not been reviewed, approved, or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities.

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